How to pick a Tarot Deck


Tarot cards are my favourite divination tool. They may not be right for everyone, but for me they work the best. I have been reading them for over 30 years and have several different decks. I thought I would share some of the things you may take into consideration when getting a deck.

First let’s take care of the myths around picking and using them.

  • They are not demonic. They are pieces of paper with pictures on them. On the original decks, most of the symbolism was Christian in nature. With the devil card standing on lies and deceit. They are a tool, and like any tool their use and strength depends on the user. The energy you put into them gives them their “personality”.
  • There is a belief that the cards must be given to you, that you cannot purchase your own. I believe this myth was created by someone who was cheap and didn’t want to pay for their own cards. Gifts in general when given with good intentions create a bond between the giver and givee. Other than that, the need to have them gifted to you is not important.
  • “No other person should touch your cards”. As I have stated above, I have read cards for a very long time, during this time I have always let my clients shuffle and look through my cards. I have never had an issue with this effecting the cards. If you feel the need to cleanse them after someone has touched them; just shuffle them and welcome them back to you.
  • There is no specific way to shuffle or cut a deck. This is totally up to you. Do what makes you feel comfortable. It’s not easy for most people to get their hands around a deck of cards as they are generally a lot bigger than a standard playing deck. As for cutting, I request them to cut into 3 piles. This is a personal preference.

There is no perfect deck. I think the only one that may be perfect for you is one you create yourself. I don’t have the artistic talent, so I rely on others’ far superior ability. With that I will say there are some truly beautiful decks out there… I know I have several. Every one is unique and on different days different ones get used. Make sure you love the artwork, that is what you will be staring at and looking at for messages, or using to cue memories and reminders of that cards’ meaning. This is one of the reasons that picking your own deck is important. If you can’t relate to the art it will make it harder to use.

Price can also be an issue. Cards range from $20.00 to $150.00 or higher. If all the cards are there, there is no issue with using a used deck. Just make sure they get cleansed and you play with them a lot before using them to read for anyone else.

My (not so) inner hippy suggests just holding them for a bit… shut your eyes and see how they “feel” to you.

**** warning: tarot decks are like potato chips, it’s hard to have just one.



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