What the heck is Shielding?


Like grounding, shielding is another word people use and assume everyone knows what they are talking about. Grounding and shielding are often used in the same sentence and seem like they are conjoined. To me when I hear “OK let’s ground and shield,” I get the image of super hero’s, or the power rangers.

What is shielding?

Rather than a shield like you may see a medieval fighter using, picture yourself standing in a sphere of energy. A shield is like a coating you put around your aura to protect you. How and what it is like depends on what you are using it for.

I believe we all have a natural outer defence that we unconsciously put up when we are in situations in which we are uncomfortable or feel threatened. It may merely be a mask we put on when we meet new people; make-up, for example, often serves to hide that which we don’t want other people to see. Most have a different manner when dealing with strangers or co-workers than they do with friends. Some people believe they are constantly under attack from other people, in this case they would maybe have a hard shell around them. Others may be more comfortable dealing with people, in which case it would be more permeable and flowing.

For some the shield may not function properly. In my not professional opinion I think there are a certain people with schizophrenia who have no natural shields. When I has a metaphysical store owner I used to have people come in that claimed that they shouldn’t be around people because the voices would become nasty. Teaching them basic shielding ideas helped them learn to focus on protecting themselves and a few came back to report that the voices were bothering them far less.

How and when do I do it?

Shielding is a multi-purpose tool that can be either passive or active depending on the use you have for it. This is done by doing an active meditation where you are forming the images in your mind.

An active shield could be used when going into a situation where you feel like you need a bit more control, such as a job interview, a test or visiting your parents.

While a passive shield is something you create and just do maintenance on. Sort of like a haircut. Most people get regular haircuts, and other than when it needs it they usually don’t worry about it.  On the other hand, there are those people who have more products in their bathroom than the pharmacy has. It’s all personal style. I’m a wash and go girl, in shielding as much as in personal grooming.

How do I do this?

Like any new practice the first few times take the longest, then it becomes a habit and you just pat your aura when you think it needs a little attention.

A great time to do this is just before you sleep. Setting yourself time to relax and feel your energy flow around you. Setting your blessings and wrapping yourself in a blanket of protection. At the very least you should get a great nights sleep.


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