Grounding? What’s that?

blackthecat.JPGWhat is grounding?
The term grounding came from the magical communities worked it’s way into the new age world and came to be used in many settings, such and mindfulness meditation, therapy, and well pretty much anywhere that people get together. We are going to look at what it means and how to use it.

A lot of people assume it has to do with connecting with the earth; for some it does. My understanding more runs to being totally in your body and centred in yourself. The ability to be still of soul and to control your personal energies. As you can see that grounding is a bit of a misnomer. Not everyone connects with the earth to make that happen. Today I was talking with someone who grounds into the air I know another that does this with water. Your method of attaining this connected state is up to you. As will all spiritual works, what works best for you may not work as well for someone else.
Grounding is when you feel totally present and solid in your body. It is also used to bring yourself into the present; to let all the days worries leave so you can be here now. I have seen grounding exercises used in class rooms to help the people calm down so they can focus on their instructor. Many times, when in a group, it’s like a mini guided meditation allowing the person in charge a chance to get the attention of the people they will be working with.

This practice can help calm an individual when they are anxious or feel scattered. I often do a short grounding when I am going to be doing a presentation or work with someone who is new to me. It helps me clear away my daily worries and focus just on them.
So what’s the best way for me to ground?

Well that is totally up to you and why you feel the need to ground. If you are in a group environment and there is an instructor who is leading your through it, then just follow along, taking in what feels right to you. Remembering that everyone has their own unique way of doing this.

If you are wanting to ground for personal reasons, then learning a few basic techniques that work with your world view is the best. As you are working with your own self, explorations is not going to be harmful. The intention is to make yourself fully in yourself. To awaken your soul mind body connection so you can be truly present.

The most common grounding meditation that I know of is the Golden Cord. This is where you sit straight with your feet planted on the floor. You imagine a golden cord going from the top of your head down your spine and into the ground connecting you to the world.. then down further allowing all the negative energy to be cleansed by the earth. Then pulling all the cleansed energy up and back into you. This can work very well if you have an affinity to the element of earth, if you don’t then it may not work that well for you.
If water is your element, then picturing yourself in a gentle rain that lets the water cleanse you as it flows over you. Bringing the emotional stability and power of water with it.

Air may be something like winds blowing around you drawing the negative out and letting the positive grow.

As you can see, it can be as personally tailored to you as you would like. The main point of it is to have a your focus strong and feel like you are present.

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  1. Hey Lisa. Your writing is beautiful and easy to follow. I am contemplating having you assist me in working with TBI survivors in understanding some of these soulfull processes. We could be saving alot on medications, and encouraging independence in those dealing with trauma. Please use my email to keep me up to date on your newsletter. I missed this last one.

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